Healthy Team-Based Activity Challenges

RedBrick Health (merged with Virgin Pulse)
Create an engaging and intuitive user experience for a robust activity tracking application
Introduced sense of urgency, unique leaderboard, scalable UI components, and easily managed user and team settings
Lead UX Designer
Work Completed
Wireframes and interaction details


Challenges index, nothing in progress, large viewportChallenges index, nothing in progress, X-small viewport
Index page for Challenges with groupings for the three phases: Upcoming, In progress, and Completed. X-small viewport on the right.
Challenges index, in progress activity present, large viewportChallenges index, in progress activity present, x-small viewport
In progress challenges are moved to the first position.
Challenge detail - Upcoming, not joined, large viewportChallenge detail - Upcoming, not joined, x-small viewport
Challenge detail screen for an upcoming challenge that the user hasn't joined.
Challenge detail - Join activated, large viewportChallenge detail - Join activated, x-small viewport
User has activated join and can create a team, join one, or request to join a team.
Challenge detail - User has joined a team, large viewportChallenge detail - User has joined a team, x-small viewport
User has joined an existing team.
Challenge detail - Leaderboard for in progress challenge, large viewportChallenge detail - Leaderboard for in progress challenge, x-small viewport
Leaderboard standings with user's team in top ten.
Challenge detail - Final standings, large viewportChallenge detail - Final standings, x-small viewport
Final standings with podium graphic to be displayed under the top x finishers.

Interaction details

Countdown Timer - Challenges Index Page
All the states of the Countdown Timer block.
Leaderboard details
All the states of the Leaderboard block.
Team and user tile statuses
All the states of the user and team tiles.