Mobile App for a Health & Wellness Platform

RedBrick Health (merged with Virgin Pulse)
Native iOS app
Design RedBrick’s first native iOS app
Key portions of web-based member portal were redesigned for a native iOS app experience
Lead UX Designer
Work Completed
Wireframes and interaction details

Dissecting the existing desktop experience

Member portal screen shots, desktop view
My starting point for each of the key paths: Desktop views of the Fit to Walk With Diabetes Journey and Track Your Activities.
Image icons for the various screen shots.
Naming conventions are key to keeping this effort organized. I also retain the date of the capture to stay on top differences with continuous development.

Wireframes and interaction details

Wireframes for three steps in the Paper flow
The user navigates from the Weigh Less Direction with a swipe (or tap) on the Fit to Walk with Diabetes Journey.
Initial view of a Journey Step
Wireframe details communicating the user path, important content, along with functional items and their options.
Robust example of Activity data in the Track pathExample of tracked data across all selected days
Clarification of visual details with a robust data example that helped our data, development, and QA testing efforts.
Side-by-side comparison of wireframe and final design for Activity selection screenSide-by-side comparison of wireframe and final design for Journey screen
I was working closely with the Creative Director and wanted the wireframes to be easily “styled” by her. The near-high fidelity approach was very clear with guidance on positions and sizes.
Composite of various final screen designs
Final style and branding keenly integrated by Cindy Steinberg, Creative Director.