Personal Health Assistant Concept

RedBrick Health (merged with Virgin Pulse)
Rubi: Personal health assistant concept
Demonstrate the future of RBH as a personal health assistant
Design and build a prototype to demonstrate core interactions
Lead UX Designer
Work Completed
Wireframes, interaction details, designs, prototype, and video

Initial ideas

Eary Rubi idea with illustrated character
User’s initial morning view on the home screen (left). They see their progress for the day (2nd screen) and tap the light green Eat Healthy quadrant.
Wellness Details show the quadrant’s summary (3rd screen) with further caloric details available (4th screen).

Brainstorming & sketching

Engagement flows and UI sketches
Pencil and paper for the simplest means to share thoughts and work through ideas.
Wireframes for keyboard and voice input
Working through keyboard and voice input interactions.


Prototype screens 1-4Prototype screens 4-8
Ultimately, we needed just a few screens to illustrate the gist of the experience to the board.
I built the prototype in Flinto and also created a video for the CTO to use for the board presentation.